Banner Finishing

The final stage in a banner's construction is the finishing. The banner finishing determines how a banner will be displayed and makes the banner more durable. For instance if it will be hanged you may need to add grommets or pole pockets.



hemsHems come handy to fold the banner edges and maintain the banner's shape, especially outdoor banners. It also helps to avoid stretching. Leverage free Hems installation service to give a clean look to your custom banners. Extra charges apply for double hems.




Grommets Typically placed at every 2 feet or in the corners of the banner, Grommets are essential to hang the banner. The grommet is one of the most versatile ways to finish a banner as nearly anything can be used to fasten the banner if it can pass through the grommet. Grommets are placed for free upon request.


Pole Pockets

pole pockets Pole pockets, also known as pole sleeves, on banners are something common to see across the top or bottom. With Pole Pockets, you don’t need hooks or rings - be it a single sided banner or a double sided banner. Poles pockets offer one advantage over grommets -- a pole passed through the top of banner will keep the banner open and allow it drape without bowing in the middle. 



wind slits It is slit cut into the banner with the intent of giving the wind a way to blow through the banner and reduce the stress on the banner or on how the banner is installed. Usually the cut is made in the shape of a half circle or half-moon.




velcro When you are hanging banners you may be using Velcro with banners for display purposes.
There are several ways to safely hang banners and using Velcro with banners is one of the ways to insure your banners will stay put and not rip out of their heavy duty and sturdy metal grommets. The adhesive power of velcro will ensure that all of your banner and decor will stay in place.


Reinforced Corners

clear reinforced corners white reinforced corners With reinforced corners, make your banners strong enough to resist wind blowing 50-70 miles per hour. Digitally printed banners with reinforced corners are best used in high wind locations.You can choose between clear and white reinforced corners (banner ups).


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